Download our Whitepaper on Secondary Sales Finance and Lease Purchase

CREDITSOURCE brings you multiple financing programs to choose from on a Multi-lender Sales Finance Platform, providing a complete three tier credit solution for your credit customer.  By entering a single credit application into our credit portal we'll help you make more sales!  We capture the primary decline and pass it along to a secondary lender, and even to a third look "no credit check" provider when declined by the secondary.  Your customer simply enters their online credit application into a kiosk, tablet or their smart phone for complete privacy and security, and a quick credit response.

Our lenders provide the highest performance levels and best lending options, including revolving charge and closed-end, both with same-as-cash (deferred interest) options.

Increase your customer base!  Many customers prefer to obtain preapproval for credit before they enter the store.  A good number of these individuals will only shop at stores allowing them to do so.  We can integrate with your website so customers can apply for credit in your store from their smart phone, or remotely in the privacy of their home..

SECONDARY CUSTOMER FINANCING (non-prime to sub-prime)

*Credit programs are provided by federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or familial status.