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It's easier to sell a $67/month payment than a $1,200 sofa and chair.  CREDITSOURCE brings multiple conventional financing solutions for the prime, near-prime and sub-prime consumer, with no down payment and no application fee.  Conventional financing provides higher approval amounts, longer terms and manageable customer payments at affordable rates.


The CREDITSOURCE multi-lender sales finance platform offers the merchant primary, near-prime and sub-prime on a single credit application.  With proper consumer disclosures, primary declines are automatically sent to our near-prime lender and if declined, to the tertiary lender for approval. 

Customers can apply in-store or online using their smart phone or tablet.  Preapprovals and Online integration increase in-store and ecommerce sales! 


CREDITSOURCE has been helping retailers meet their sales objectives for over 25 years, with our unique high-yield sales finance solutions and multi-lender platform.

Offering only primary

financing and lease purchase 

without a secondary financing option

is likely costing you sales and an

important piece of your profit formula!

Offer your customers

a complete financing menu!