credit customers buy payments!

CREDITSOURCE offers a web app and the ability to capture primary lender declines and pass them to a secondary and tertiary lender for approval; all on a single credit application. 



seasoned pros


CREDITSOURCE has been helping retailers meet their sales objectives for over 25 years, with our unique high-yield secondary sales finance solutions and multi-lender platform.

It's easier to sell a $67/month payment than a $1,200 sofa and chair.  CREDITSOURCE brings multiple conventional secondary financing solutions for the near-prime and sub-prime consumer, with no down payment and no application fee.  Conventional financing provides higher approval amounts, longer terms and manageable customer payments at affordable rates than does lease purchase.

If you only offer primary

finance and lease purchase

options to your customers, and not

​a secondary financing option,

you may be missing sales, an

important piece of your profit formula,

and repeat sales!

  • Furniture & Bedding
  • Consumer Appliances & Electronics
  • ​Jewelry
  • Auto Repair
  • Pets
  • Backyard Living
  • ​Home Improvement